Icon General Zeolite Questions
Icon Will ZEO Health products conflict with any medications that I may be taking?
Probably not. They contain all natural minerals and vitamins. Zeolite passes through your system collecting the toxins and heavy metals, and is passed naturally without you even noticing. Since Zeolite remains intact and does not break down in the body it generally does not interact with any other medications. We have no knowledge of any known drug interactions with our products. However, you should always check with a medical professional if you have any concerns about interactions with medications that you are taking. Heavy metal based medications such as lithium may be less effective when taking our products since Zeolite traps heavy metals in the body.
Icon I never heard of Zeolite before, what is it?
Zeolite is a volcanic mineral which was created when ash and lava from a volcano has a chemical reaction with sea water. The result is a compound with a cage-like structure with a negative charge. The negative charge acts like a magnet to attract positively charged toxins and heavy metals to the Zeolite. These are then trapped in its cage structure and carried out of the body. We use the micronized powder form of Zeolite which is the form shown effective in all of the scientific studies.
Icon What is the difference between Liquid and Powdered Zeolite?
On the current zeolite supplement market, everyone is using powdered zeolite in their formulation.  That means the amount of zeolite in supplements can be directly compared.  Other comparison points like zeolite quality and purity will differ from company to company, but consumers can easily see who offers more zeolite.

At this point, the difference between liquid and powdered zeolites comes down a preference in delivery. Do you like to take your zeolite in a capsule or would you rather have it mixed in a liquid before drinking?
Icon How does Zeolite work in the body?
Zeolite is one of the very few minerals that are naturally negatively charged. This means that it actually attracts the toxins and heavy metals from your body like a magnet. The mineral has a honeycomb shape that allows it to trap these toxins and heavy metals as it passes through the body. Our products contain Zeolite with unique formulations that have been proven to absorb the toxins, free radicals, and metals from your body, as well as boosting the immune system. This mineral has also been shown to balance the body‚€™s pH. Foreign cells cannot grow in a balanced ph environment.
Icon Does your Zeolite get into the bloodstream?
Yes. We use the same particle size that was used in the scientific studies to show effective health benefits. Remember that the Zeolite does not break down in the body and remains intact, collecting heavy metals and toxins and carrying them out. The "Liquid Zeolite" companies made up a lie that the powder mineral does not get into the bloodstream and theirs does. What they seem to forget is that all of the scientific studies ever published on Zeolite showing health benefits, were done on the powdered mineral. The studies would not have shown the positive results that they did, if the powder did not get into the bloodstream. With our product Esdifan, we use a larger particle size to keep most of the Zeolite in the digestive tract where it is needed most for those patients.
Icon I have had problems with side effects of other detoxifying products, will I have the same problem with your products?
Toxicity in the body can show itself in different ways in different people. Most detoxifying products have side effects but our Zeolite products generally do not have any side effects, although it may vary with certain individuals.
Icon How safe is Zeolite?
This form of Zeolite is listed by the FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and is used in many products that you have probably come in contact with. Zeolite has been shown to be nontoxic. The great thing about using this all-natural and safe product is that it can be taken over and over long term without worry, and only beneficial benefits for your body.
Icon How long will it be before I see results?
This is difficult question to answer and it all depends on the individual person. Everyone shows toxicity in their body in different ways. Some may have bad skin, some may show severe medical issues. Based on the persons exposure to toxins and heavy metals, there are different levels in people. People also respond differently to treatment. Our general recommendation is to take the product for 90 days and then be reevaluated by your medical professional to see what progress has been made. Please make sure that you are also taking the recommended dosage based on your needs to ensure that you are receiving the optimum benefit from the product.

Icon Does Zeolite remove beneficial vitamins and minerals with the bad?

No. Zeolite only attracts toxins and heavy metals and will not take out beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Icon General Shipping Questions

Do you ship to my country?

During the ordering process we'll ask for your shipping address details including country. If your country is not in the dropdown menu of available countries, unfortunately we cannot ship to your country at this time.

Has my order shipped? / When will I receive my order? / Can I track my order?
If you entered your email address on your order, a copy of your receipt and the USPS tracking number is emailed to you.  You can view the transaction receipt on your order confirmation and the shipping information is emailed to you once the package is shipped. 

If you do not receive an order confirmation email, please check you bulk and junk mail folders before calling customer service.
An item is missing from my shipment

Please contact Customer Service at 845-353-5185 for assistance.  Be sure to have the package the product was shipped in with you when you call.

How does Autoship work?

The Loyalty / Autoship program allows a customer to have the same order shipped to them periodically without having to place the order themselves. 

How do I cancel my autoship?
The program works through the PayPal interface and is quick and easy to cancel.  Log into your PayPal account, select the ZEO Health subscription and then click "cancel subscription".  That is the simplest way to cancel your autoship order.

You can also call our ZEO Health customer service to assist with cancelation if you are having problems cancelling your autoship yourself.

Can I return my order?
In our effort to keep our prices low, ZEO Health does not take returns on any product.  We urge you to research our products thoroughly before purchasing.

Icon General Affiliate Questions
How do I sign up to be an affiliate?
The affiliate banner on the left side of the website leads to the affiliate application page.  Click this banner then complete the application and submit it for review.  You will receive an email with further instructions.
How do I retrieve my ID or Password?
Affiliate ID's are emailed to new affiliate within 48 hours.  If you do not receive this email, call the ZEO Health customer service department can also help you to reset your account.
How much does the affiliate program payout?

The ZEO Health affiliate program pays 20% sales commission.  Affiliates also receive 10% commission on the sales of the affiliates they recruit.

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